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The Queen

The Queen's Gambit & Catalan for Black by Lasha Janjgava

The Queen's Gambit & Catalan for Black

Download The Queen's Gambit & Catalan for Black

The Queen's Gambit & Catalan for Black Lasha Janjgava ebook
Publisher: Gambit Publications
Page: 98
ISBN: 1901983374, 9781901983371
Format: pdf

Now black played 18Bb7 but 18..Nb8 manages to hold. 3, that the chief virtue of the All Purpose System for Black was that it could be played not only against the Queen's Gambit but also against any opening at all except 1. I thought that Shakhriyar was choosing between bringing the bishop out to f4 or g5. Reply #187 - 07/12/11 at 13:46:40. I opened the game with the Fianchetto Variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined and black quickly gave me the opportunity to give him an isolated pawn, which I was happy to take. The Catalan is an attempt to turn the Reti into a pressure opening. The Queen's Gambit & Catalan for Black Ebook torrent free downloads, 53621. I found a key improvement for black in the notes to black's 18th move. 4…Be7 The Queen's Gambit Declined. Shared by:kevinwang Lasha Janjgava (Author) Every chess-player needs a reliable defense against the Queen's Pawn Opening. An ancient, solid and interesting opening. C5, it will look horrible to those new to the Catalan, but plans with Ba5 (once Black's queen's knight has committed to d7) followed by (a3 and) b4 are standard. Black doesn't have to allow a transposition to a Queen's Gambit Catalan. Black's problems will occur in the middlegame, which is outside the scope of this series. Boris Gelfand played a Catalan opening against Wang Hao. Rebel-Yell wrote on 07/12/11 at 13:35:55: What if white plays 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.g3 e6 4.Bg2? Semi-Slav Anti-Moscow Gambit[D43]. E4, the Stonewall Attack, or the Colle System. We saw one of the first Queen's Gambit of the tournament, which looked pretty safe for black. Hracek,Z (2628) - Elsness,F (2506). An attempt to force the exchange on c3, which will reduce black's presence in the centre, and moreover… if white takes with the b2 pawn then the d4 point will be significantly strengthened.

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